Founded and directed by highly acclaimed professional Middle Eastern/Silk Road Dance Artist, Roshana Nofret, M.E.C.A. Dance Ensemble is the only active performing company of its kind in South Florida. M.E.C.A.'s primary focus is the preservation of authentic traditional, classical, and folk dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and Silk Road, as well as innovative contemporary interpretations and fusions.

M.E.C.A. Dance Ensemble’s goal is to expose audiences to the cultural beauty of this unique art form, through delightful and engaging performances in South Florida and abroad.​




A soulful and versatile interpretive artist, Roshana Nofret is a world-renowned performer, instructor, and choreographer of Middle Eastern dances. Roshana seamlessly fuses traditional and contemporary dance elements while keeping the original essence and character of each dance, producing a uniquely delightful and engaging cultural experience both on stage and in her classes and workshops. Her dancing is widely regarded as elegant, fluid, charismatic, and expressive -- with a deep musical connection and understanding.​

As an artistic presenter of this art form, Roshana's goal is to delight, inspire, and inform audiences through sharing her love and knowledge of these dances, promoting cultural appreciation and understanding of the art and its origins, further elevating it to the utmost level of practice, recognition and admiration worldwide.​

In addition to artistic and educational community performances, Roshana maintains an active and influential role in the South Florida cultural performing arts community through various mediums: she is the Founder, Director & Choreographer of M.E.C.A. Dance Ensemble, Co-Founder & Organizer of the Middle Eastern Mosaic Productions in Miami, and Co-Director of Mid East Performing Arts Academy at Miami-Dade College's Kendall Campus. 

To learn more about Roshana, visit: 

Roshana Nofret 

Founder & Director